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Data protection statement

The website is operated by the Mecklenburg-Vorpommern tourism association. By accessing the website or by using it in any other form whatsoever, you accept the data protection statement. Should you not consent to the data protection statement, please do not call up this website or use it in any form whatsoever.

Questions, suggestions and comments can be sent by e-mail to: info@auf-nach-mv.de

We run the following data protection technologies:

Creation and evaluation of log files

Only the IP address currently used by your PC, date and time, browser type, your PC’s operating system and the pages you have viewed are recorded. No conclusions as to your identity can be made. The data automatically accumulated during your visit to our web pages are recorded exclusively for statistical and security purposes.

The use of cookies

Cookies are small text files which are filed on the PC of the Internet user. The purpose of the cookies is, for example, to control the connection during your visit to web pages. Visiting the Internet pages of the tourism association and the calling-up of the information contained within it do not involve the disclosure of your identity and are possible without the cookies having to be saved. The use of cookies is only necessary for the duration of your visit in the online reservation area of our website. They contain purely technical information; i.e. no personal details. The cookies are automatically removed once you leave the pages.

Collection of personal data

In addition to the normal web statistics, we collect personal data from various places on our pages.

The use of certain services on our website requires the provision of personal data (such as your e-mail address, postal address). At the end of an online reservation, you might be asked to give your credit card details. This information is received by the tourism association and is stored and processed there, in order to provide you with the desired services. In addition, we will also offer you information which, owing to the services you have already received, you might be interested in. We assure you that we will not forward your personal details to third parties, unless we are legally obliged to do so or you have given us your prior permission to do so.

Events calendar – special case

The events data (and only these) provided to us for our online events calendar undergo special treatment. Due to the aim of the events calendar, the events data entered there are made accessible to the public. The organiser data, on the other hand, are not accessible to the public, yet will be made accessible to third parties as part of tourism marketing cooperation measures.

Your rights as an Internet user

You have the right to demand information regarding personal data stored by us and, furthermore, the right to correct incorrect data, blocking and deletion of such data.

Secure communication on the Internet

In order to guarantee confidential communication with you, we use a so-called SSL encryption for the transmission of sensitive data (such as your credit card number). According to the present state of knowledge, the resultant encryption of 128 bits is considered secure. This security level is achieved by all latest-generation browsers.

Scope and validity of the data protection statement

This data protection statement is currently valid and dated 18.02.2004. The tourism association reserves the right to make changes to this statement. Any such changes will be published here, and are applicable from the date of publication.

The data protection statement is applicable to all websites which are the responsibility of the tourism association. Our data protection statement is not applicable to any Internet offers by third parties linked to the web pages of the tourism association. Our data protection statement is not applicable to Internet offers by third parties included in our pages and which are clearly identified as a cooperation. In order to realise its range of services, the tourism association makes use of some technical services of trustworthy business partners. These partners are not permitted to use personal data except for the purposes of performing this special service. Any physical data which might be located there are considered the property of the Mecklenburg-Vorpommern tourism association, and are therefore subject to this data protection statement.

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