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Photo Terms of Use

1. The photographs contained in the database (hereinafter referred to as "photos") are protected as photographs or photographic works by copyright law.

2. The Mecklenburg-Vorpommern Tourist Association e. V. (Tourismusverband Mecklenburg-Vorpommern e. V., TMV) permits the display, publication, or duplication of photos solely for the purpose of tourism advertising and only in accordance with the following terms. The photos may only be used to showcase destinations, attractions and touristic offers of the state of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern.

3. The use of the photos is limited to organs and partners of the TMV and is only permitted if the work created can be accessed by consumers at no charge, or for the purpose of journalistic coverage of the state of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. Any commercial use of the photos, for example for product advertising, illustrated books, or calendars, is not permitted.

4. The user of the photos may not transfer the usage rights granted to him to third parties. He may not pass on the photos in any form. Exceptions to this are transfers of the usage rights to companies which are commissioned by the user to produce the displays, publications, and duplications mentioned in point 2 and which are entrusted to carry out the necessary technical measures in digital media.

5. The user is obliged to mention the author of the photo/the owner of the rights of use and to refer to him/her as follows: "Photo: TMV/Image Author" or "Photo: Image Owner/Image Author". The user is obliged to take reasonable precautions to prevent further use of the photos by third parties (e.g. by downloading and duplicating).

6. The right to edit photos is not granted. Any changes to the context of the photos through photomontages of any kind are not permitted without the consent of the TMV.

7. Immediately upon completion, the user undertakes to send two copies of the work containing the photos to the TMV. When using the photos for the internet or in digital publications, the TMV must be informed of the website address and/or receive a screenshot of the page.

8. The TMV reserves the right to revoke the granted rights of use for cause. Such cause shall exist in particular if the user has violated the provisions of these Terms of Use. In the event of revocation of the granted rights of use by the TMV, the user undertakes to no longer display, publish, or duplicate the photos in question. In the case of online use, in apps or similar products, the photos are to be removed immediately in the event of a revocation of granted rights of use.

9. The use made in accordance with these Terms of Use is free of charge to the user. In the event of a breach of these Terms of Use, the TMV may require the user to remove all the products containing the photographs at his/her own expense and either correct the photos or completely discontinue their duplication. In addition, TMV reserves the right to claim damages, including appropriate image fees, in this case.

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