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Jetty : 24 pictures
No. 2489 | R1
Hiker in Mecklenburg Lake Plateau near Feldberg.
No. 2453 | R1
Hiker in Mecklenburg Lake Plateau near Feldberg.
No. 2452 | R1
Harbour in Karlshagen, Island of Usedom
No. 1762 | R1
Harbour in Lauterbach, Island of Rügen
No. 1761 | R1
Sailing boat in the harbour of Malchow, the Mecklenburg Lakes
No. 1741 | R1
Family on the beach at Kühlungsborn, Mecklenburg Baltic Coast
No. 1736 | R1
Children slide down the barrier-free jetty in Kühlungsborn, Mecklenburg Baltic Coast
No. 1722 | R1
Fishermen in the harbour of Freest, Vorpommern
No. 1674 | R1
Timmendorf harbour on the Island of Poel, Mecklenburg Baltic Coast
No. 1597 | R1
Boats in the harbour in Waren/Lake Müritz, The Mecklenburg Lakes
No. 1490 | R1
Marina at Baltic resort Kühlungsborn, Mecklenburg Baltic Coast
No. 1448 | R1
Hikers on a bathing jetty in the Mecklenburg Lakes
No. 1405 | R1
Neustadt-Glewe harbour, Mecklenburg-Schwerin
No. 1184 | R1
Boats in the harbour in front of St. Mary's in Rübel (Müritz), the Mecklenburg Lakes
No. 1172 | R1
Deckchairs by the lake
No. 1160 | R1
Hours of rowing boat romance in Gremmelin
No. 1159 | R1
Sunset at Karlshagen's Marina. Island of Usedom
No. 1115 | R1
Family with canoe by a jetty, Mecklenburgische Seenplatte
No. 839 | R1
Children's legs dangle off a wooden dock into a lake, Mecklenburgische Schweiz
No. 618 | R1
Scallywags play on a dock, Mecklenburgische Schweiz
No. 616 | R1
Docking boats at the edge of a water lily field, Mecklenburgische Seenplatte
No. 83 | R1
Small sailboat at the Wolgastlake shore, Usedom Island
No. 67 | R1
Loving couple on a wooden landing, Mecklenburgische Schweiz
No. 66 | R1
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