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Mecklenburg Schweiz : 24 pictures
Thatched houses by Lake Teterow, Mecklenburg Schweiz
No. 1773 | R1
Water cruise resting point by Groß Raden, Mecklenburg Schweiz
No. 1740 | R1
Children and a Ranger on a canoe tour down the Warnow near Eickhof, Mecklenburg Schweiz
No. 1678 | R1
Ice-sailor near Güstrow, Mecklenburg Schweiz
No. 1605 | R1
Vietgest Palace, Mecklenburg Schweiz
No. 1517 | R1
Basedow Palace Park, Mecklenburg Schweiz
No. 1514 | R1
Dargun Abbey, Mecklenburg Schweiz
No. 1508 | R1
Cyclists in the harbour in Malchin, Mecklenburg Schweiz
No. 1486 | R1
Hikers on a bathing jetty in the Mecklenburg Lakes
No. 1405 | R1
Demmin harbour, Mecklenburg Schweiz
No. 1178 | R1
Deckchairs by the lake
No. 1160 | R1
Hours of rowing boat romance in Gremmelin
No. 1159 | R1
Manor park with restored mansion
No. 1157 | R1
Historic park with old stock of trees in the morning light
No. 1155 | R1
Historical photograph of the manor house in Gremmelin with classic cars
No. 1154 | R1
Gremmelin manor house with installation art
No. 1153 | R1
Gremmelin manor house in winter
No. 1151 | R1
Tree in winter the manor house in the background
No. 1148 | R1
Park and Gut Gremmelin manor house in the sunlight
No. 1147 | R1
Dandelions in summer
No. 1146 | R1
Manor house in Gremmelin
No. 1143 | R1
Melancholy sunset over Lake Teterow, Mecklenburg Schweiz
No. 1066 | R1
Fishing on Lake Malchin, Mecklenburg Schweiz
No. 1065 | R1
Tree reflections in a pond, Mecklenburgische Schweiz
No. 69 | R1
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