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Autumn : 19 pictures
No. 2490 | R1
No. 2487 | R1
No. 2486 | R1
No. 2485 | R1
Fishing cutter offer services to fishing tours at Baltic Sea.
No. 2370 | R1
Thatched houses by Lake Teterow, Mecklenburg Schweiz
No. 1773 | R1
Family with historical horse-drawn carriage, harvesting hay in Kröpelin, Mecklenburg Baltic Coast
No. 1672 | R1
Schmale Luzin in the Feldberg Lake District, The Mecklenburg Lakes
No. 1524 | R1
Baroque castle grounds Griebenow, Vorpommern
No. 1510 | R1
Canoeists in the mist on the River Peene, Vorpommern
No. 1484 | R1
Kite-flying with the Family in Ahlbeck
No. 1093 | R1
Golden autumn in the water-rich Griese Gegend, Mecklenburg-Schwerin
No. 1057 | R1
Forest lake in early autumn, Rügen Island
No. 292 | R1
Tree on a lake in the late summer sun, Mecklenburgische Seenplatte (Mecklenburg Lake District)
No. 289 | R1
Dreamy lake shore in autumn, Rügen Island
No. 287 | R1
Mother and son enjoying an autumnal walk along the beach, Baltic Sea Coast in Mecklenburg
No. 286 | R1
Five relaxed beach strollers, Mecklenburg Baltic Sea coast
No. 178 | R1
Relaxed trio enjoying a stroll along the beach, Baltic Sea Baths Mecklenburg
No. 110 | R1
Autumn Splendor in Fischland-Darß-Zingst
No. 32 | R1
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