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Marketplace : 16 pictures
Alter Markt in Stralsund by night. Vorpommern
No. 2349 | R1
Gothic brickwork at Alter Markt in Stralsund. Vorpommern
No. 2346 | R1
Maket place by night on Alter Markt in hanseatic town of Stralsund, Vorpommern
No. 2198 | R1
The market place of hanseatic town of Greifswald, Vorpommern
No. 2193 | R1
St. Nicholas' Cathedral in Greifswald, Vorpommern
No. 1806 | R1
Old town and cathedral in Greifswald, Vorpommern
No. 1805 | R1
Marketplace in the Hanseatic town of Greifswald, Vorpommern
No. 1685 | R1
The Fiek'n wells in Hagenow, Mecklenburg-Schwerin
No. 1192 | R1
Gothic brickwork of UNESCO world heritage city of Stralsund
No. 1179 | R1
Waiter and guests in Greifswald's market square
No. 783 | R1
Christmas market in historic Rostock, Baltic Sea Coast in Mecklenburg
No. 519 | R1
Stralsund's marketplace with its Gothic town hall, Vorpommern
No. 296 | R1
Town hall in Bützow on the Warnow, Mecklenburgische Schweiz
No. 280 | R1
The fountain on the marketplace in Wismar, Baltic Sea Coast in Mecklenburg
No. 268 | R1
Timbered houses in the state capital of Schwerin
No. 263 | R1
The marketplace in Schwerin against the backdrop of the cathedral, Mecklenburg-Schwerin
No. 258 | R1
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